Anticipating Fussy Teething Babies

The first time babies teething is a precious moment that awaited parents. But this process can also be a troubling time because some babies will become more fussy than usual due to feeling itchy and painful gums. Baby teeth have begun to form and develop in the gums from the womb. Therefore, the teeth will be able to appear when a baby is three months old, and some even appear when a newborn baby is called Christmas teeth. But generally, baby teeth will be seen when he is 6 months old. Usually the first growing teeth are the two frontmost lower teeth, followed by the two uppermost front teeth. At the age of three, his teeth will be completely complete. Although the tip of the tooth has not been seen, but you can know that your little one is teething by recognizing his general characteristics, including biting the object he is holding, salivating more, more fussy due to gum pain or swelling, difficulty sleeping soundly, or don't want to eat. Other symptoms, such as fever and dia
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